May 23, 2024

About the Editor

Editing Wickedly Maine

You might be wondering why the editor of Wickedly Maine chooses to use a pen name as rugged as Dwayne Bunyan. Well, let me tell you: Mainers like to keep things just a bit mysterious.

Think about it: we’ve got a desert (sort of)1, mountains with identity crises2, and roads that twist and turn so much, even Mainers get lost sometimes3. We embrace the unknown, the unexpected, and the unexplained.

Of course, some people might say it’s because the editor is actually a giant lobster with a refined sense of humor that wears a top hat and a monocle… to highlight the level of refined we’re talking about, of course. But I won’t confirm or deny that rumor. No, not today.

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, but for Wickedly Maine, I say a pen name is mightier than both. With a pen name, I can poke fun at the quirks of Maine life without worrying about burning bridges with friends and family.

So if you’re wondering who’s behind Wickedly Maine, just know that I’m a proud native Mainer who loves nothing more than a good laugh. And I’ll keep writing, even if I have to do it under a pen name.

I love hearing from Mainers and Maine enthusiasts, so please don’t hesitate to reach out and share your thoughts or ideas.

Thanks for reading, and stay wicked.

—Dwayne Bunyan, Editor of Wickedly Maine


  1. Desert (sort of): Maine is not known for its deserts, but there is a stretch of land called the Desert of Maine in Freeport. It’s actually not a desert in the traditional sense, but rather a geological phenomenon caused by poor farming practices in the 18th century that stripped away the topsoil and exposed a layer of sand.
  2. Mountains with identity crises: Take Great Pond Mountain, for example. Despite its name, it’s not in the town named Great Pond, Maine and it’s not located near any of the several ponds named Great Pond in Maine. Nope, it’s a mountain next to Craig Pond, with a summit elevation of 1,030 feet. Some locals call it Great Hill, because why not? And don’t get me started on Blue Hill Mountain or Mount Desert Island — jeezum crow, somebody was feeling like being literal and descriptive back in the day, weren’t they? But that’s just how we like it in Maine – full of unexpected quirks and delights.
  3. Twisty, turny roads: Maine is known for its winding, scenic, tree-lined roads that flicker the sun as you drive down them like nature’s strobe light. IYKYK.