May 23, 2024
Ogunquit beach sandcastle

Beachgoers Beware: Ogunquit Officials Crack Down on Unregulated Sandcastle Construction

OGUNQUIT, MAINE — In a move that has beachgoers scratching their heads and dusting off their architectural drafting skills, the Ogunquit Town Council has unanimously passed a new ordinance regulating sandcastle construction on Ogunquit Beach. The recently introduced Sandcastle Zoning Laws now require permits for all moats and turrets, as well as adherence to strict building codes to ensure safety and aesthetics along the popular coastal stretch.

“Ogunquit Beach is an iconic destination, and we want to preserve its beauty and charm for generations to come,” said Mayor Sandra Abbott during a recent press conference. “These new sandcastle zoning laws will ensure that our beach remains pristine and free of unsightly or hazardous structures.”

Under the new regulations, beachgoers hoping to construct sandcastles with moats or turrets must first obtain a permit from the Ogunquit Sandcastle Zoning Board. Applications will be assessed based on the proposed sandcastle’s size, design, and the quality of the applicant’s sand-sculpting skills. A mandatory inspection of moats and turrets will also be conducted by the newly appointed Sandcastle Compliance Officers, who will patrol the beach in search of any non-compliant structures.

Ogunquit beach sandcastle wide

Critics have accused the town council of going too far, claiming that the new ordinance is an overreach of government authority and a direct infringement on beachgoers’ rights to create sandcastles as they please. Local resident and sandcastle enthusiast, Tommy Bucket, expressed his frustration: “I’ve been building sandcastles on this beach since I was a kid, and I’ve never needed a permit. This is a clear violation of our sandy liberties!”

Despite the opposition, town officials remain steadfast in their commitment to the new regulations, citing several recent incidents of sandcastle-related injuries and disturbances. According to the Ogunquit Sandcastle Safety Commission, there were 27 cases of stubbed toes, six instances of sand-to-eye contact, and four ruined picnics caused by renegade moats in the last year alone.

As Ogunquit Beach enters peak tourist season, the air is thick with anticipation and the faint scent of sunscreen. Will the new sandcastle zoning laws crumble under the weight of public outcry, or will they stand firm like a well-constructed castle? Only time, tide, and perhaps a strategic placement of popsicle sticks will tell. In the meantime, aspiring sand architects are encouraged to sharpen their shovels and practice their moat-digging skills, for Ogunquit’s sandy shores are entering a new era of carefully crafted castles and government-regulated grandeur.

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