May 23, 2024
Hallowell City Sports Division | Wordle

HALLOWELL, Maine — In a heated debate at the Hallowell City Council meeting on Tuesday night, members discussed whether to add “Wordle” to the list of official city sports.

Councilwoman Sue Cunningham kicked off the discussion, arguing that Wordle has become an increasingly popular pastime in the city and should be recognized as an official sport. “I mean, come on, we have pickleball on the list. If pickleball is a sport, then Wordle definitely should be too,” Cunningham said.

But not everyone was convinced. Councilman Dave Abbott expressed his doubts about whether Wordle really qualifies as a sport. “I mean, it’s just guessing letters, right? I’m not sure that’s really a sport,” Abbott said.

The debate continued for over an hour, with council members weighing in on the pros and cons of adding Wordle to the official sports list. Some argued that it could help boost tourism and the city’s reputation as a hub for intellectual pursuits, while others worried that it could set a precedent for adding other non-traditional sports to the list.

In the end, the council narrowly voted to add Wordle to the list of official city sports, with a vote of 3-2. “I think it’s important to recognize the things that our residents are passionate about, even if they don’t fit the traditional definition of a sport,” said Mayor Mary Hallmark after the vote.

The decision has already sparked controversy among some residents, with some calling it a waste of time and resources. But for Wordle enthusiasts in Hallowell, the vote was a long-awaited victory. “Finally, we’re getting the recognition we deserve,” said Wordle player and Hallowell resident, David Wilson. “Maybe now we can get some official Wordle courts and tournaments going.”

Venture Beyond the Maine-land

Wordle is a free-to-play daily online game owned by the New York Times. You can play Wordle here.

Or, like the Hallowell elite, you can try your hand at Quordle.

Or, maybe you’re looking to stretch your geography muscles, then try out Worldle.

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