May 23, 2024
Endangered Emojis

BAR HARBOR, Maine β€” The World Emoji Committee reported an unprecedented crisis this week as the lobster 🦞 and wave 🌊 emojis teeter on the brink of extinction, and the finger of blame is pointing squarely at Maine tourists.

“The influx of tourists to Maine, particularly to picturesque Bar Harbor, has seen a surge in the usage of these specific emojis,” explained Betty Blinks, the Committee’s Chief Emoji Analyst. “It’s like everyone’s forgotten about the existence of the rest of the emoji keyboard. We’ve had to move the 🦞 and 🌊 emojis to the endangered list. It’s an absolute calamity.”

The shockwaves of this crisis are being felt particularly acutely by local businesses, who have come to rely on these digital symbols to convey their quintessential Maine charm. Among them is Geddy’s, a popular restaurant known for their drool-worthy lobster and seafront views.

“Our social media engagement has gone through the roof with everyone sharing their photos and tagging us with the 🦞 and 🌊 emojis,” said Pam Artemis, a local advocate of Geddy’s. “I mean, how else are people going to express the joy of cracking open a Maine lobster while enjoying the sights and sounds of the ocean?”

Meanwhile, Cool As A Moose, a favorite stop for whimsical Maine souvenirs, finds itself in a similar predicament. “We’ve been getting comments like ‘Cool as a 🫎 and tastier than a 🦞’ on our Maine-themed postcards and lobster bibs,” sighed Jessica Sparks, the store manager. “If these emojis disappear, we may need to initiate a crash course on descriptive writing for our customers.”

In an attempt to ease the impending emoji shortage, the World Emoji Committee is urging visitors to explore the breadth and diversity of the emoji spectrum. “Surely there’s room for a bit more creativity,” suggested Blinks. “How about throwing in some creativity with a πŸ’‘πŸ , or some love for the ever-neglected sea shanty 🎡? Let’s save our lobster and wave emojis from complete burnout.”

The impact of the current emoji crisis on the forthcoming tourist season remains to be seen. As for now, Maine businesses are holding their collective breath, hoping their favorite emojis will claw their way back from the brink.

Drawing from Maine’s elected chairperson of Global Digital Advancement, Jon Agate’s heartfelt words, it’s abundantly clear, “They’re not just emojis. They’re pixelated passports from the world into to the heart of Maine.” And that’s a connection that Maine won’t surrender without making waves of it’s own.

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