May 23, 2024
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"I've had it up to here!", Photo Credit: Daniel Reche

A mom is someone who can make anything happen with a snap of her fingers. And by snap of her fingers, I mean stern look and bone-chilling grumble.


DOWNEAST, Maine — In an unprecedented display of public exasperation, Downeast Maine mom of three, Alice Rockwell, made it very clear last week that she had “about friggin’ had it” with just about everything – and she wasn’t shy about letting the whole world know.

Witnesses reported that Alice, a full-time hard-working mom known for her kindness and warm smile, reached her limit on Saturday morning after a series of unfortunate events. These included burning the home fries, stepping on a LEGO, and realizing that she’d accidentally purchased decaf coffee instead of regular.

“Alice had enough,” said one eye-witness. “She went out into her front yard, still wearing her PJs, and just started shouting to anyone who would listen that she’d had it up to here!”

Bystanders were left with no doubt of Alice’s frustration, as she proceeded to list her many grievances. Among them were the unending piles of laundry, her husband’s inability to find anything in the refrigerator, and her children’s insistence on asking her questions while she’s in the bathroom.

Alice voiced more frustration with her three kids. “I can’t take it anymore! Two of ’em keep roughhousing in the living room and breaking things, and my oldest has turned into a walking eye-roll. Is it too much to ask for five minutes of peace?”

Even local animals were not immune to Alice’s tirade. “That darn raccoon keeps getting into our trash can, and I’m sick of cleaning it up!” she exclaimed, pointing an accusatory finger at the bushes where the guilty raccoon was likely hiding.

While it’s common for parents to feel overwhelmed at times, Alice’s friends and neighbors acknowledged that her outburst was a testament to the daily endurances of motherhood.

“We all have our moments, but Alice, oh Alice, has really shown us what it means to juggle so much,” said one fellow mom. “She knows that bottling things up too tightly is a recipe for disaster, so this vent sesh is like a breath of fresh air for her and a reminder to the rest of us to let out some steam every once in a while, ya know?”

As news of Alice’s energetic surge spread through the community, local businesses were quick to respond. The neighborhood coffee shop, Beans ‘n’ Things, offered Alice a free week’s supply of regular coffee, while a popular toy store in Bangor, Playtime Paradise, provided a complimentary “LEGO-proof” pair of slippers.

LEGO-Proof Slippers
LEGO-Proof Slippers

By the end of the day, Alice stood tall, confidently embracing the support from her community. “I guess I just needed to get that off my chest,” she stated assertively. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to put the kids to work and get back to it!” Alice’s determination and strength shone brightly, inspiring others around her with her unwavering resilience.

And so, life returned to normal for Alice and her family, but her terrible, no good, very bad day will remain etched in the memories of the community as a testament to the strength and wisdom of a Downeast Maine mom.

Author’s Note

The inspiration for this headline struck me during a recent shower thought, and it was only later that I noticed its striking similarity to a headline from the now-defunct humor site, New Maine News: “Maine Dad ‘About Friggin’ Sick of It'”. Despite the resemblance, I chose to keep my headline, “Maine Mom ‘About Friggin’ Had It,’ Makes Sure Everyone Knows It,” as it had already taken root in my mind. Nonetheless, I wanted to acknowledge the parallel and pay homage to the original, witty headline that I stumbled upon.

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