May 23, 2024
Searsport Woman at Parade

SEARSPORT, ME – In a uniquely Maine response to a local’s social media declaration of “I hate parades,” residents of Searsport have organized what they’re calling an “Intervention,” to be immediately followed by a “Parade Appreciation Parade.”

The saga began when lifelong Mainer, Jules Perry, casually posted on her social media, “I hate parades.” What she didn’t anticipate was the tidal wave of community reaction. “I just thought parades were kinda boring,” said Perry, “I didn’t expect the whole dang town to react!”

Responding in complete bewilderment to what they perceive as a cultural anomaly, local residents have organized an ‘intervention’ at the community center. “We just need to understand how a Mainer can possibly hate parades,” said Emily Foster, a member of the intervention planning committee. “We’re bringing in experts, historians, even a psychologist to get to the bottom of this.”

The intervention, humorously dubbed “Operation Parade Love,” will feature presentations on the history of Maine parades, testimonials from parade enthusiasts, and a slideshow of the town’s best parade moments. “We’ve even got a local band to play marching tunes. We’re pulling out all the stops,” Foster added.

But the real spectacle is set for immediately after the intervention: the town has planned a “Parade Appreciation Parade.” This parade, according to organizers, will feature every element Jules Perry dislikes, but with a playful twist. “We’ve got fire trucks, kids on bicycles, floats, someone riding a horse, the token old fashioned car, you name it,” said the parade marshal, Hank Lewis. “If this doesn’t change Jules’s mind, nothing will.”

Parade Appreciation Parade

Local businesses are also getting in on the action, offering parade-themed specials. The local bakery is selling “Parade Day Donuts,” and the town diner has a “Float Float” – a root beer float with a mini parade float decoration.

The event has captured the town’s imagination, with many seeing it as the ultimate expression of community spirit. “Only in Maine would we have a parade to convince someone to like parades,” chuckled Sarah Nguyen, a local teacher.

As for Jules Perry, she’s taking the attention in stride. “I never expected this to turn me into a local celebrity,” she said, laughing. “I’ll give the intervention a chance. Who knows? Maybe I’ll come out of this loving parades. Either way I get a donut and a float float!”

The “Parade Appreciation Parade” is set to be one of the town’s most attended events, with a special place reserved for Perry – right at the front. “Whether she ends up loving parades or not, it’s all in good fun,” Lewis said. “That’s the Maine way.”

In a town where community is everything, this light-hearted intervention and parade serve as a reminder that even the most unexpected opinions can bring people together in the most festive of ways.