May 23, 2024
Counting two pills

AUBURN, MAINE — In a remarkable turn of events, the Walgreens on Center Street in Auburn has reportedly cut its pharmacy wait times in half, thanks to a suggestion from a local customer. The groundbreaking strategy? Counting two pills at a time.

The unexpected efficiency boost began as an offhand remark from Edna Pillsbury, a long-time Auburn resident and frequent Walgreens customer. “I was just tired of waiting for my prescription and joked to the pharmacist, ‘Why don’t you count those pills two at a time? I need to get home in time for ‘Jeopardy!'” Pillsbury recalled with a chuckle. To her surprise, the pharmacy staff decided to give her idea a try.

What started as a lighthearted experiment quickly turned into a store policy when the pharmacy staff realized that double-counting the pills was not only possible but incredibly time-saving. “We were skeptical at first,” admitted head pharmacist Joe Chapp. “But once we got the hang of it, we were flying through prescriptions like never before!”

The innovative approach has led to a significant reduction in wait times, much to the delight of customers. “I used to bring a book to read while waiting for my meds,” said local shopper Karen Hollenbeck. “Now, I barely have time to check my phone before they’re calling my name. It’s fantastic!”

The method has not only benefited customers but also the pharmacy staff. “Our job satisfaction has skyrocketed,” shared pharmacy technician Molly Campbell. “We feel like we’re in a race against the clock, and we’re winning!”

Competing pharmacies in the area have taken notice of the Auburn Walgreens’ newfound efficiency. Reports have emerged of other pharmacies attempting similar methods, including counting in threes and even fours, though with varying degrees of success.

Despite the positive feedback, some customers remain skeptical. “I’m not convinced they’re actually counting correctly,” grumbled long-time Auburn resident and skeptic, Gary Norwood. “I mean, how can you accurately count by twos? What if they miss a pill?”

Walgreens assures customers that accuracy remains their top priority. “Our staff are professionals,” Chapp emphasized. “We’ve implemented rigorous double-checking procedures to ensure every prescription is filled correctly. Counting by twos doesn’t mean we compromise on accuracy; it just means we’re twice as fast.”

Inspired by the success of the two-pill counting method, the Auburn Walgreens is now considering other innovative ideas to improve customer experience, including express lanes for quick pick-ups and a mobile app for virtual queueing.

As for Edna Pillsbury, she’s become something of a local celebrity. “I never imagined my little joke would make such a difference,” she said, smiling. “Now, if only I could get ‘Jeopardy!’ to start later, so I don’t miss the beginning.”

The two-pill counting phenomenon at Auburn’s Walgreens has become a local talking point, proving that sometimes the simplest ideas can lead to the most effective solutions.