May 23, 2024
Stanley Thermos in a graveyard

MAINE — In a rare moment of unanimous agreement, Mainers from Portland to Presque Isle have come to a consensus: the true mark of a Maine resident isn’t a discerning palate for a whoopie pie or knowing the best time to shop at Marden’s; it’s owning a Stanley thermos that outlives you. This declaration has sparked both curiosity and recognition across the state, with many residents proudly displaying their battered but still functional thermoses as badges of honor.

The Stanley thermos, known for its durability and iconic green color, has been a staple in Maine households for generations. “I’ve had mine since the Carter administration,” declared Edna Brackett of Bangor, tapping her thermos, which has seen more winters than a good number of Mainers. “This thing will be here long after I’m pushing up daisies, and that’s when you know you’ve made it here.”

Local funeral homes have even reported a peculiar trend: requests to be buried with their cherished Stanley thermos. “It’s becoming a common will addition,” says funeral director James O’Reilly. “Folks want to take their thermos to the great beyond, or at least ensure it gets passed down as a family heirloom.”

The state’s declaration has stirred a whirlwind of stories, with residents competing over who has the oldest, most dented, yet still operational thermos. “Mine’s survived three falls in Acadia, two car run-overs, and a curious bear,” boasted retired mill worker Pete Kavanaugh from Machias.

The phenomenon has caught the attention of the Stanley company, prompting an impromptu marketing campaign: “Stanley: Outlasting Generations.” The company has expressed joy and slight bewilderment at their product’s iconic status in Maine. “We knew we were making them tough, but becoming a cultural milestone in Maine’s identity? That’s a new one for us!” exclaimed a company spokesperson.

In a state known for its practicality and resilience, the Stanley thermos symbolizes more than just a container for coffee or chowder; it represents the enduring spirit of Mainers themselves. As the saying now goes, “You might be from Maine if your thermos has its own legacy.”

As the rest of the nation takes notice at Maine’s quirky new measure of belonging, Mainers continue to sip from their trusty thermoses, reassured in their belonging to this unique corner of the world. After all, in Maine, longevity, reliability, and a bit of quirkiness are always in vogue.